ARPA – 2050

Curing Agent for Epoxy Resin Systems

ARPA-2050 are aliphatic and cycloaliphatic polyamine adducts and polyaminoamine from functional products chemistry.

A major use of these products is as the high quality curing agents for use in epoxy resin systems.


Concrete Coatings

Two-component epoxy resin system with special fillers

. High resistant concrete coating

. Ideal for wet operations

. Smooth surface/easy to clean

. Resistant to abrasion and chemicals











Rotor blades for wind mills, pipes, high-performance boats, leaf springs, semi-finished products, sport articles and printed circuit boards

Two-component epoxy resin systems

. High mechanical strength

. Improved mechanical properties

. Good temperature performance

. Resistant to impact stress

. Hot-water resistant

. Resistant to chemicals

. Good corrosion resistance


Systems for heavy corrosion protection, chemical plants, shipbuilding, bridges, scaffolding, steel pipes, tanks, off-shore sector, water works such as locks.









Anticorrosive Primer and Intermediate Coat

Two-component epoxy resin primer that can be used in combination e.g. with PUR top coats

. Excellent chemical resistance

.  High density

. Salt-waterproof

. Ideal for wastewater management and steel waterworks

. Heavy corrosion protection in thick layers



Viscosity at 25°C: 200-400 mpa.s

H-active-equivalent (HEW): 102-104

Density: 1.02 ± 0.02

Delivery Form: Liquid